What Is Islam - The Fundamental Beliefs And The Religion Of Muslims

What Is Islam - The Fundamental Beliefs And The Religion Of Muslims

Islam is the religion that's primarily based on the belief that there's only one God to which everything worships, and that Mohammad, peace be upon him, is His prophet and messenger. Islam is the faith of peace which thousands and thousands of individuals expertise each day with the will of God.

The Arabic word for God is Allah, Who is similar God that the religion of Christianity and Judaism consider in and worship. Basically, God = Allah, so do not be confused by the difference within the language since Allah remains to be Allah while you call Allah God.

Individuals who imagine within the Islamic belief and accept Islam as the faith of Allah are called Muslims, which you may have heard before. Linguistically talking, somebody is Muslim in the event that they comply with the religion of Islam, the identical means a Christian is Christian in the event that they comply with Christianity.

Islam, as a faith, is our guide from God, teaching us about everything that considerations our livelihood and the way we should live and worship Him.

Muslims observe the way in which that Allah (All Glory be to Him) has revealed to us and prescribed for us to follow. That method is one of the best ways for us, benefiting us in this life and within the after.

And that method is usually by way of the Holy Quran which is Allah's holy words directly revealed to us by the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. That was the prophet Mohammad's miracle as a prophet, peace be jihad watch upon him.

The Quran has never been and can never be corrupted because it's the ultimate truth. That's the miracle of the Holy Quran.

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There are many free downloadable and considerable copies of the Holy Quran online.